We design projects in accordance with all requirements – we do care for every detail. We are flexible and open to the needs of the client. We can offer a comprehensive technical support – from graphic design, through production, to completing the entire order.

We have the necessary experience gained while designing and manufacturing tobacco products and accessories – both own brands and products for our contractors. We will help you choose the best strategy for implementing your client’s product on the market.

Minimal quantity: 1200 export cartons.


We can offer you a completely new feature – tube with custom printing. Overprint can be done in many ways and types according to customer needs and expectations. We can offer you specific printings:

tipping paper with simple text
tipping paper with logo or image
tipping paper with golden bar or two golden bars
white tipping paper with/out overprint

For your own print idea, please contact us for technical details.
Minimal quantity: 1200 export cartons.