KENTDRUK is a family company founded in 1979. Cigarette tubes manufacturing started in 2005, which was a response to market demand for such products. The foundation of our company is our thorough involvement in all processes of production in order to achieve high quality of products and services we offer.
We have built our experience on the basis of production and sale of own brands as well as multiple products of our customers. On special request, we are also able to develop a NEW PRODUCT. This requires great flexibility and openness to customer needs. Thanks to such policies our company sells products worldwide, recognizing the needs of the market and retail consumers in different countries.
Passion for creation and implementation of new standards has been accompanying us from the very beginning; therefore KENTDRUK, AS THE FIRST COMPANY IN THE WORLD introduced cigarette tubes and filter tips with menthol capsule. The idea was born from the desire to provide our customers with products corresponding to the taste and quality of regular cigarettes available on the market, but at a much lower price.
MCT is a product of the highest quality, made from certified materials, that is why despite the many efforts of our competitors, they have failed to manufacture a product similar to our standards. The satisfaction of our customers and growing interest in the market gave us the motivation to further actions and to continue the development of MCT products, which resulted in the creation of a new brand FRUTTA with multiple flavors of capsules.
Another innovative product, which has been implemented on the market, is a CIGARETTE TUBE WITH PRINTED BRAND on the cork. This product is very popular among our customers who want to highlight their brand, differentiate from others on the market, and thus give it a specific individual character.
Our development and efforts are not only limited to the development of new products. For further expansion of the company we need INVESTMENT IN TECHNOLOGY. Currently our machine park consists of the most modern equipment for the production of cigarette tubes and filter tips, purchased from the most reputable machine manufacturers in the world for cigarette industry.
All these activities allow us to put KENTDRUK in the forefront of cigarette tube manufacturers not only in Poland but also in whole Europe. We are a team of young individuals who know the needs of the market where the greatest satisfaction is the appreciation and recognition of our customers. Everything we create and build, we do keeping you in our mind.